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Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer



Professorship of Chemical Signalling

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144

D-53113 Bonn

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Chemical Signalling Lab (Andreas Meyer)

The Chemical Signalling Lab investigates the physiological role of redox processes in plants. Our goal is to understand the dynamics of glutathione transport and the function of thiol-based redox-switches in regulating plant stress reactions and to identify switch elements that control plant performance.





Award!                                                                                                                                        15.03 .2018

Presentation Award to Sören Schilasky

At the spring meeting of the DFG priority program SPP1710 ("Dynamics of thiol-based redox switches in cellular physiology") in Rauischholzhausen Sören Schilasky received a prize for the best contribution by a junior researcher for his work on "Oxidative protein folding in the ER of plants".


Award!                                                                                                                                          28.02.2018

Reinhold von Sengbusch prize to Lara Ostermann

At the conference Molecular Biology of Plants in Dabringhausen (Feb 20-23, 2018) Lara Ostermann received an award for her poster contribution "A novel red fluorescent redox sensor with a highly negative midpoint potential for live cell imaging".

Conference Molecular Biology of Plants


Workshop!                                                                                                                                   22.02.2018

Eduard Strasburger Workshop on Plant Mitochondria in Bonn

Dr. Mareike Schallenberg-Rüdiger and Dr. Stefanie Müller-Schüssele are organizing an Eduard Strasberger Workshop sponsored by the DBG  on "Power Plants in Plants - Mitochondrial Functions in the Green Lineage" in Bonn.
Get registered till 10.03.2018 by using this form. The number of places is limited.

Contact: Dr. Stefanie Müller-Schüssele


Award!                                                                                                                                          27.11.2017

Supervision Award of the Bioeconomy Science Centrer (BioSC) goes to Markus Schwarzländer

The prize honouring outstanding supervision of students was awarded as part of the 4th BioSC Forum in Cologne 27th November 2017


Award!                                                                                                                                          22.09.2017

Poster award of the German Botanical Society for David Solbach

At the meeting of the German Botanical Society in Kiel (Sept 17-21, 2017) David Solbach received an award for his poster contribution ‘Subcellular localization of glutathione peroxidase-like enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana’ (


New Publication!                                                                                                                          18.07.2017

Study shows handling of the cellular fuel ATP in plants live.

De Col V, Fuchs P, Nietzel T, Elsässer M, Voon CP, Candeo A, Seeliger I, Fricker MD, Grefen C, Møller IM, Bassi A, Lim BL, Zancani M, Meyer AJ, Costa A, Wagner S, Schwarzländer M (2017)

ATP sensing in living plant cells reveals tissue gradients and stress dynamics of energy physiology; eLIFE,


Press release by the University of Bonn


New Publication!                                                                                                                          04.04.2017 

Study on the catalytic mechanism of glutaredoxins published in Nature Communications.

Patricia Begas, Linda Liedgens, Anna Moseler, Andreas J. Meyer, Marcel Deponte: Glutaredoxin catalysis requires two distinct glutathione interaction sites; Nature Communications, 8, 14835. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms14835


Prestigious Award for Dr. Markus Schwarzländer                                                              07.02.2017

President's Medal 2017 of the Society for Experimental Biology

for Dr. Markus Schwarzländer

Dr. Markus Schwarzländer was awarded the President's Medal 2017 of the Society for Experimental Biology. The award honours Markus' work on the mechanistic understanding of how energy flexibility is regulated at the subcellular level. (Details)

The medal will  will be presented at the Annual Meeting, SEB Gothenburg, Sweden. (Program)



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