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Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer



Professorship of Chemical Signalling

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144

D-53113 Bonn

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Chemical Signalling Lab (Andreas Meyer)

The Chemical Signalling Lab investigates the physiological role of redox processes in plants. Our goal is to understand the dynamics of glutathione transport and the function of thiol-based redox-switches in regulating plant stress reactions and to identify switch elements that control plant performance.





New publication!                                                                                                                14.8.2020

In Vivo NADH/NAD+ Biosensing Reveals the Dynamics of Cytosolic Redox Metabolism in Plants

Steinbeck J, Fuchs P, Negroni YL, Elsässer M, Lichtenauer S, Stockdreher Y, Feitosa-Araujo E, Niemeier JO, Kroll JB, Humberg C, Smith E, Mai M, Nunes-Nesi A, Meyer AJ, Zottini M, Morgan B, Wagner S, Schwarzländer M (2020). In Vivo NADH/NAD+ Biosensing Reveals the Dynamics of Cytosolic Redox Metabolism in Plants. Plant Cell doi: 10.1105/tpc.20.00241

... more on this topic: | 14.8.2020


New publication!                                                                                                                10.7.2020

Subtle structural differences determine the function of different glutaredoxins

Trnka D, Engelke AD, Gellert M, Moseler A, Hossain MF, Lindenberg TT, Pedroletti L, Odermatt B, de Souza JV, Bronowska AK, Dick TP, Mühlenhoff U, Meyer AJ, Berndt C, Lillig CH (2020)
Molecular basis for the distinct functions of redox-active and FeS-transfering glutaredoxins. Nature Communications, 11, 3445. doi:


New publication!                                                                                                                24.5.2020

Plastidic glutathione reductase plays critical role in maintaining photosynthesis

Müller-Schüssele SJ, Wang R, Gütle DD, Romer J, Rodriguez-Franco M, Scholz M, Buchert F, Lüth VM, Kopriva S, Dörmann P, Schwarzländer M, Reski R, Hippler M, Meyer AJ (2020)
Chloroplasts require glutathione reductase to balance reactive oxygen species and maintain efficient photosynthesis. Plant Journal, online early. doi:


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