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Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer



Professorship of Chemical Signalling

Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144

D-53113 Bonn

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Scientific Staff


Finja Bohle (PhD Student)

Anna-Lena Falz (PhD Student)

Dr. Sophie Hendrix (Postdoc)

Dr. Anna Moseler (Postdoc)

Luca Pedroletti (PhD Student)

Mohammad Taheb Safi (PhD Student)

Michelle Schlößer  (PhD Student)

Dr. José Manuel Ugalde (Postdoc)

Dr. Stefanie Wege (Postdoc)


Bachelor's and master's degree students


 Lika Kudrajasova (Master)



Technical Support Staff


Maria Homagk (Technician)

Claudia Befort-Trimborn (Technician)




Christine Jessen

Ellen Kreitz




Philippe Fuchs Dr. Philippe Fuchs
Sören Schilasky Sören Schilasky
David Solbach David Solbach
Lara Ostermann Lara Fecker
Marlene Elsässer 2016 Marlene Elsässer
Prof. Dr. Markus Schwarzländer
Current position: Professor at the Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology (IBBP), WWU Münster
Dr. Stephan Wagner 2016

Dr. Stephan Wagner
Current position: Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne, Coordinator of the Graduate School

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Sajid Ali Khan Bangash - 2014 Dr. Sajid Ali Khan Bangash
Anna Moseler - 2014 Dr. Anna Moseler
Current position: Feodor-Lynen Fellow, University of Nancy, France
Thomas Nietzel 2016

Dr. Thomas Nietzel

WWU Münster

Safira Attacha Dr. Safira Attacha
Kein_foto_vorhanden - en.jpg Dr. Yvonne Stockdreher
Valentina De Col 2015 Valentina De Col
Isabel Aller

Dr. Isabel Aller

Universität Duisburg-Essen


Andreea Petolea Andreea Petolea
Ingo Seeliger - 2014  Dr. Ingo Seeliger
Shipan Das Gupta - 2014  Shipan Das Gupta
Shibu Gupta - 2014
 Shibu Gupta
Daniela Bausewein  Dr. Daniela Bausewein


 Dr. Carole Dubreuil

Umea Plant Science Centre, Sweden



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